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By Kyra / 10 years ago / In: General ,



So I know I told some of you in my member chat a couple months ago how much time I spent doing landscaping at my new house and it looked really nice…  WELL last night I am on my front yard and notice this line of dirt on walkway in front of my house ( keep in mind I’m not the most observant person ) and than I am like ” what the hell is this hole?? ”  I notice there is a big hole in the front of my house… well than I realize DUH… there was a tree there SOMEONE stole a tree out of my front yard…I was very annoyed but figured that it was a neighbourhood kid playing a prank, it was not a cheap tree either, I don’t know what its called but its one of those spiral evergree type trees and was about 5 feet tall… So as I’m standing out in my front yard I realize that ALL my landscaping lights are also gone… like 30 lights… I am SO annoyed  and I live in a cul de sac so someone had to park in front of my house to steal them… and its not like I live in the Ghetto… haha.. I live in the back section of an Estate Neighbourhood… I called the police and they said that they actually have alot of people report theft in the neighbourhood… UGH… I’m so frustrated… I have to replace the tree but I am afraid to spend all that money again on new lights because what if they get stolen again… WHO steals a tree though??? so weird… maybe it was a mothers day present for someone… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ok rant is over

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