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Ummm dur


By MIA / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Hey hey hey boys and some girls! Well, sorry ive neglected you , but you will be happy to know that I finally changed my password, so I can log in! haha, I didnt want to search through all my bulk emails to find that retarted password they give you when your forget. Ya know, something impossible to remember. like jns842w384n. Anyway, Im here! haha.

As Im sure most of you know, I got my new laptop, and Ive been pchatting and stealing internet like a mother fucker! Its so freaking cool man. Im in love I think. I must say its the best investment ive made in quite a while.

 FUNNY story. I went to look at an apt./room today. I had placed an ad, and this guy emailed me , perfect location, sounded like the perfect condo. So I went over there today to meet him and check it out. Okay, he opened the door, and he was about 4’5″. Nothing against short people man, but I was towering over him. Looked like I could have been his mom. So this guy is  very quiet, and awkard…not saying much. Im thinking, ‘how the hell are you going to LIVE with me, and you cant even show me your place?’. It was nothing like i expected. The condo was cluttered, and messy. Which isnt awful…since im kinda messy. Yall have seen my room. (ps. I still have not received a vaccum) But it was weird. Like, we both couldnt live together like that. So next, he shows me the room. WOW. not happening. Haha, it would probably barely fit my queen bed. Plus my piles of clothes, CWH space? No. I can tell this is going downhill. Plus there are cords running all around the floors.

You have to keep in mind, this is a NICE condo. In the “nicer” part of town, 3 bd, 2 bath, 3 stories type thing. And this guy is ALONE.  The whole house was filled with junk! lol So then we go down and hes asking ya know what I would like to pay for price lol, hes asking me! What im really thinking is I dont know about this shit man. But I didnt say that. So then he asks if I watch tv. I said occasionally. But i just got rid of the cable at my house, so im not dying for it, why? He replies that he doesnt have cable, never has, and doesnt believe in it. Wow…im losing count of his strikes here. THE BIG KICKER, he asks if I use the internet often. UMmm, yes. haha, I told him I did web design,e tc. The internet was very important to my existance. He goes, ‘oh really. Okay. well that could be a problem. See all those cords running? Those are internet connections for my computer. I just have dial up. I wouldnt have internet at all, but my company pays for it. Its like 8 dollars a month or something. Its actually kinda slow, but I never really use it. Dial up would work for you right?’.


DIAL UP?! DIAL UP?! holy mother of god. I almost fainted. I then knew that I had to get out of there asap. Who the fuck uses dial up anymore? I asked him if he was still living in the 90’s. lmao. He said no. So then I left and promised myself I would never go back. So funny Im judging homes/apts. by the internet connection. The shit i do for you guys.

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