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By nyli / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I would consider myself a health freak and I avoid drinking (to get drunk), however a social drink is still ok in my books. But last night… I cannot even count how much I had. Maybe 6 or 7 Ameretto and diet cokes. I love Ameretto!!! I am surprised I didn’t end up in the hospital! Haven’t drank that much in a long, long time. 

I went out with a co-worker. She is soooo nice and fun. We went to this pub with her hubby where his friends were playing music there. We went to support them. They had produced their own CD of electro and break beats. It was really neet. I don’t even think I spent a dime last night– which wasn’t my intention but my co-worker’s hubby’s friends kept buying us drinks all night.

Then some how we all ended up at our local strip bar. My friend and I were the only girls in there.. other then the strippers. lol. One of the guys won a free lap dance and made the stripper do it to me. By this point, I was extremely intoxicated and was saying, “nooo! I don’t want a lap dance!” Then half way through the song I said ‘fuck this’ and ‘my turn’ and made the stripper sit in my chair and I gave HER a lap dance. OMG.. what was I thinking? Stupid Ameretto and diet coke! All the Ameretto’s fault! Yeah, so I think I gave her a better lap dance. lol. But I didn’t take off my clothes. Haha. I got as far and lifting up my tank top and rubbing my bra in her face. I don’t know how this happend but then her and I started kissing!!! And the stripper started kissing my friend. OMG, that was so hot. I don’t think my friend is as straight as a ruler either… hmmm.. *thinks naughty thoughts*  Um, so yeah, that caused quite a scene at the strip club.

A little taste of how crazy I can get sometimes..

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