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Just “Wow”


By Promo / 10 years ago / In: General , News , Updates



What an incredible week it’s been so far.  I wish I could blab so much but I can’t at this stage.  But it feels soooo incredibly great to know that our hard work on CWH has finally paid off BIGTIME!  I woke up this morning and had to make sure it was real and not a crazy dream.  I can’t stop smiling and it’s been multi-orgasmic.

I’ll give more public details about the big news a bit later once things are up and going.  Some of you have heard little bits here and there already 😉  I will not confirm nor deny anything (I learned that from the Presidential campaigns hehe).  But yeah, all the girls are really jacked up about it as well!

Anyway, I just wanted to give a huge ass thanks to all of our fans and friends who have been with us along the whole ride.  Some of you I have known for a few years.  Some of you I got to know on CWH.  But just an extra big round of love for those of you who have been with us from the beginning….when CWH was nothing more than a forum and a big idea.  Now look at us!

And we cannot forget the girls.  The girls have been absolutely awesome and then some.  We’ve had many faces come and go.  Some have also been with us for a very long time…some are new.  Regardless, every single camgirl has proven to be a crucial part of CWH.  It’s been great watching many of them start off as very shy camgirls and they’re now little cam superstars.  Some have gone through some personal obstacles and managed to still come out on top on CWH.  We truly love you girls and appreciate every bit of work you guys have put forth into CWH.  Without you gals things like this wouldn’t be happening to CWH and we are thrilled to have you along for this insane ride ahead of us.  You gals are the shiznit!

We absolutely cannot forget those other webmasters out there who have really been awesome to us and plugging us and getting us known.  WeakGame especially…we love you guys like no other!  We owe ya guys so much.  Kakkybutt, Shock, Dumpy (Stephen), Cayne, Deez, Bulldog, and so many others I can’t name.  Just know you will all be recognized on our new site with some love and linkage!  Thanks for supporting us and our girls.  We’ve loved working with you and will continue to send ya some extra goodies.

I even have to give a fat shout-out to the idiots out there who picked CWH apart.  To the asshats I used to work with who pretty much told us that CWH wouldn’t amount to much, the jerkoff webmasters who trashed us, and even the copycats Alex, Jordan and Gabi.  You guys who tried to drag me down personally or drag CWH down as a whole, in the end you only motivated me to be bigger and better than ya guys.  You inspired me to only work harder and show you exactly how great we would someday be.  So I even have to thank you all as well.  Your criticisms, bashings, copying, and more only made us stronger and better with each passing day.

So anyway….I just had to give some love and recognition to all of you as we are about to venture off to the “next level” in this internet world and go beyond the boundaries of the internet and into other areas as well.  Thanks again, All. 

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