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I Hate Shopping


By nyli / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I really do. Today I ventured out what I thought was going to be an easy buy turns out I can’t find a damn thing I was looking for. I remember seeing what I wanted only a few days go and they were everywhere! What is needed was some more dress pants for work. Mine are so over washed and faded that I hate them now. My main problem was that I could not find anything in my size! It’s always large sizes left. I’m a small. Why is it when I need something and I go shopping for it, I can never find it? Whenever I need something, they are out of stock and I’m SOL. Why is it when I go shopping, I’ll see a billion of other things I don’t really need but want so badly? I usually have to kick my ass and remind myself what I really came here for. Grrr! I think I shop online more then I do in stores. I know what brand clothes fit me properly and they always have my sizes in stock. Sometimes I can find really good deals. 

So.. since I could not find what I was looking for, this cute little blue dress caught my eye. I think it will be part of my summer-going-out-dresses.  It’s quite short and I like the way my runner’s legs look in them. I love how it’s open back too. This is a summer dress that you cannot really wear a bra with. But who cares right? Bras are over rated. Since I live a little north of the border, summer takes forever to come. In a nother month, it will be hot hot outside. I cannot wait to wear my short shorts and low cut tank tops. Better yet, I cannot wait to go skinni dipping! Yay! 


 Oh, I got something else the other day. I got a good deal on it so it was much worth it. I always wanted a pair of stripper shoes. I just think they are soooo sexy. I love them. After doing some pchats with them last night, I felt like I had a workout. They really work out your upper abs and lower back. I am just going to wear them around the house for fun now while doing house work and cooking just for the work out. I need perfect abs by this summer pronto!

Anyways, the last couple days I had been sick with a cold. But I am better now. I have lots to show in pchats so cam with me!



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