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By Lacie / 10 years ago / In: Rants ,



Soo, time for another post. And not a happy one, I’m afraid. The last couple days have been horrible for me, I’ve just been an overly emotional miserable wreck. I’m getting really stressed out about the whole visa crap again (hey, I haven’t posted anything about that for the last.. 1 posts) – I need a thousand medical examinations for it and I hate doctors.. so scared of them. So that’s another 300 bucks I have to pay (to have sadistic nurses poke at my arm with needles), not to mention the visa fee of 2000 dollars.. ouch. They really don’t make it easy! A couple days ago I got an email from my mother – my grandmother is sick, she went to see a couple specialists but even they don’t know what’s wrong, so I’m really worried about her. Luckily I will get to see her again in a little more than a month. Because I’ve been so stressed and irritable lately, me and my boyfriend have been fighting quite a bit – nothing that can’t be sorted out, but it’s not helping either.

But some good stuff has to be said as well. I finally got off my lazy ass and made a new video – I might post some screencaps of it in the forums later. I haven’t been on pchats the last couple days because my connection has been acting up – the ISP guys made some changes to the line (or something to that effect), which was supposed to “take only about 10 minutes”, but it’s been causing problems for 3 days and those fuckers won’t even reply to emails. I just hope it’s fixed for my memberchat on Wednesday!

Ugh.. I’m writing negative stuff again, so I’ll better stop here. Luckily it doesn’t happen too often, but right now I’m just in a not so good mood. Sorry guys! 🙁

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