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You Know You’re Good…


By Promo / 11 years ago / In: General ,



Hell, we’re past good, we’re fucking AWESOME!  True story.  One of the best things about this business is the humor and amusement I have come across in the many wannabe websites that go out their way to try and “steal models” and copy everything we do.  I literally blew my water across my desk today upon seeing one of those sites today.

Not only has this website repeatedly trashed us, but they contradict themselves by copying us…EXACTLY.  This particular website has literally copied keystroke-by-keystroke our model application, our feedback form, our blog, our contact form, our pchats, and more.  They’ve even stooped as low as to send their models to try and poach on customers in the forums, etc. (This is why we disabled pm’s for non-members). 

Ironically, several of their models (well, there’s only a couple left over on that site because they are notorious for not paying their models and allowing any ole thing to be a model) have attempted to get on CWH as models.  They’ve begged, sent us copies of posts made by their staff, screencapped complaints from the models not gettin paid and more.  It sucks that we have to turn these poor girls down, it’s really nothing personal, but for obvious reasons.  However, Im sure at least two shall end up on here once they’re off that site and take care of certain paperwork.

Anyway, you phoney-ass copycat site….I salute you!!!  for being the biggest blatant asshats on the internet today.  It’s one thing to try and compete, but another to copy our site keystroke-by-keystroke.  It’s the best compliment you could ever give to us, to our models, to our fans….because it only reinforces how fuckin GOOD we are…and how truly sad you are for making yourselves look so stupid.  *golf clap*

I won’t name them simply because they are not worthy of a mention or the traffic.  But I will give a shoutout to Jordan, Alex and Gabe.  We send our love … and our ideas your way!

EDIT:  These are some old screencaps that a former model there sent me.  She eventually left there after all the bullshit w/ pay and not making money.  It sucked that bad.  You can see their models complaining about not getting paid and all the other bull associated w/ their staff.  Hell, even the owner or former owner, Jordan, emailed CWH back a couple months ago wanting to team up with us and use our pchat system, etc since they couldn’t even afford their own or get any traffic.  Enjoy!

Fed Up After Only 2 Mos as a Model

And Another Fed Up Model

Hmm, Cheating the Models Again

Models Not Gettin Paid…

And again…

Hey, Let’s Copy CWH/GWC/HMG

Let’s Copy The Concept that Worked for CWH Too!”

Tsk Tsk Such Bad Business Parters They Are

Still Not Gettin Paid Uh Oh

Bad, Bad Admins!

Big Surprise…Still Not Paying Models

Alas, we get no more goodies from there but I have a feeling it’d be the same ole “let’s copy CWH”, “Where’s my money”, “I don’t wanna be on this site anymore”, “You admins suck” etc type of stuff anyway. 

Like this: