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Body For Life


By MIA / 11 years ago / In: General ,



Well bitches its time.  I have finally gotten my mom into the habbit of going to the gym, DAILY. She is doing amazing. We both took our before and after pictures this week because we are entering the Body For Life challenge! How exciting! haha, its an easy way to win 50,000-100,000. Especially since I love working out, I could def. use that extra cash. Im going to blow these kids out of the water. My mom is working pretty hard too. I dont think shes following the suggested diet that goes with the program, but shes doing some serious cardio. Her 80’s sweat band is pretty soaked by the time were done. I am starting to get tired though, after teaching my classes and babysitting holy crap man. Although all this food they are reccomending is soo good. Its hard that I dont eat red meat though.

I do think that I have found what I am truly passionate about. Ive always had a love for fitness, since I got fit that is. But now I honestly love spending all my time at the gym. Whether its working, teaching, training, or just working out my mom…I want to spend all my time there. Im working on my PT certification now. ITS NUTS. Ive got 2 huge 3-4 inch thick books, note cards, practice tests, exams. etc. You really have to know your stuff. Im so excited though! I hate “learning” things that arent interesting to me. But I enjoy reading this. YES!

 Im sorry this was such a boring post, but I was just so elated that I think I finally figured myself out! Dont worry, camwithher is here to stay.

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