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Randomness – is that a word?


By Lacie / 11 years ago / In: General ,



Wow, it’s been some time since I wrote something here, basically because I often find it hard to find something at least a little interesting to talk about. I’m still very busy with the whole visa application, but I wanna spare you guys another post about that.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for my first member chat last week, I had fun, but it’s soo weird at first. It seems I have yet to find the balance between talking to you guys and doing stuff, so I’m sorry if I didn’t interact with you enough. I’ll work on it 🙂 Also.. It’s been some time since it was posted, but I hope you enjoyed the pics and video of me in the Member’s Area, there’s more coming.

As far as personal life goes, nothing much has been happening. Here’s a funny story though. My boyfriend went clubbing with friends this weekend, and while dancing found a wallet with $700 cash in it. One of his friends used to work at the club and told him that if they gave it to the staff, they’d take out the money before giving it back, so they decided he keep the wallet and call the owner. So, the guy called the owner of the wallet, but as soon as he said that he’d found the wallet, the other guy started screaming at him and accused him of having stolen the wallet (because every thief wants to brag, maybe?). So he told him that he’d found it and wanted to return it to him. The owner kept yelling at him that he’d take out all the money anyway and that he shouldn’t even try to use the credit cards because he’d canceled them already. At that point, he lost his patience with the guy, hung up on him, took the money, and gave half of it to my boyfriend.

What do we learn? If you lose your wallet and someone finds it, be nice to them.

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