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Always Listen To That Voice Inside..


By nyli / 11 years ago / In: General ,



I knew from the moment I walked out of that grocery store, that something was terribly, terribly wrong. Maybe it was the way the wind blew on my face or the smell of spring—but something in the air told me something was not right. I walked across the parking lot keeping my eyes focused on where I wanted to go (my car), yet trying to listen and be in tune of what was around me. 

It was only early evening. It was not even dark yet. I had just got off work and my elderly grandmother who does not speak English needed milk and eggs for upcoming Easter baking. With a handful of groceries, I scrambled to open my car door.

There was an old red truck beside me. Some younger men were in the truck listening to some rap. I kept looking into the reflection of my car to see if they were looking at me too. Indeed. As I hurried into my car, threw the groceries onto the passenger seat, the young men where whistling at me. Losers. I ignored and attempted to start my car. As I put my key into the ignition, the men stepped out of their truck. I didn’t look directly at them. But a hand came into view out of the corner of my eye headed to the door handle. Instantly I smacked the lock on my door. I looked at the man. Angry he smacked my car window and yelled, ‘bitch!’ He attempted to open the other door but it was already locked. I threw my car into drive and took off. 

By this point I am thinking, WTF? Now what would of happened if he actually opened my car door? What if? I don’t want to know… 

Scary shit happens in this evil world. Always listen to your gut. Stay safe. xoxo

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