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Forms and forms and.. oh.. more forms.


By Lacie / 11 years ago / In: General , Rants ,



Hey you guys, I figured that it’s time for me to post here again.. which, well.. would be so much easier if I had anything to talk about or at least some mediocre anecdote about me running into things.

So what’s going on in my life right now.. The most important thing would be that I’m in the process of applying for a visa to stay in Australia permanently, that let me tell you – that’s a loooot of paperwork (forms forms forms), energy and money. I freak out every couple days because some new rule or law has appeared that I’ve never heard of before, that makes everything even more complicated. I really hope everything goes well once I hand in the application. But hey, I’m German, I speak English well, I’m not having my entire family migrate with me, I have never committed any war crimes and don’t plan on overthrowing the Australian Government (those are actual questions on the application), so I should be fine. But still, wish me luck!

Actually, the application process/the questions on the application remind me of a chapter in a book Bill Bryson wrote (you know Bill Bryson, the travel writer? Yes? Good. No? Buy his books now!!). He writes about a friend from the UK who wanted to migrate to the US with his family, and every single member of the family had to attend an interview, and answer questions like “Are you planning on engaging in polygamy?” or “Are you going to pose a threat to US national security?”, even his daughter. Which wouldn’t be so bad, except that his daughter was 4 years old.

You see, I’m rambling again and telling you stuff you probably couldn’t care less about, soo… I’m gonna shut up now.

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