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All I want is some boobs!


By Coley / 11 years ago / In: General ,



So at 8am today I was supposed to be under the knife getting some saline implants implanted under the muscle of my breast. Yes, I am getting that wonderful cosmetic surgery called breast augmentation, or boob job. So why then am I sitting here writing in this blog? Because I had to cancel my appointment this morning to do my civil duty, jury duty! Ohhhh fun! Right? So fun. WRONG! OMG WHY????? WHY MAKE M DO JURY DUTY NOW???? whatever. So I call to cancel my surgery. I could have skipped jury duty with a doctor’s excuse but my dad didn’t inform me that I had the notice until Friday…and by then it was too late to call and skip out on jury duty. So I called the doctor’s office to reschedule the surgery thinking that they would be able to stick me in some time next week. Well since I apparently have bad karma, things didn’t work out that way. As of right now, I will be scheduled some time in May or if someone cancels their appointment…which I am currently looking for a hitman to hire. Anyway, so I head to the courthouse to attend jury duty and yeaaaaaa it’s cancelled. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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