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By MIA / 11 years ago / In: General ,



     It seems like whenever I go to write in my own blog its always when Im stressed out. Ill try to keep it light. Haha, well…recently as most of you know my car has been upset. She just doesnt seem to like me right now. Ive spent many days by her side at the shop, stroking her shiny black skin and telling her its going to be okay. That we will make it through this tough ordeal. After countless hours of her in surgery and repair she is finally in my hands again, learning once again how to drive. Its been quite the chain of events for my baby and I. Seeing as though we are still both too scared to drive on the freeway, which limits are paths of destruction quite a bit. But with that “taken care of” so far…everything else is well.

    On another huge sidenote, my mother recently decided to join the gym. Ive been going for years, yall didnt think this was natural did you? Ive taken on the job as her informal trainer. Ummm, you can’t even imagine the embarassment and pain that I have been through trying to teach my mom techniques at the gym. First of all, my mom is a larger version of me. About 25 years older, and stuck in the 80’s. You got it, the afro mullet style hair, sweat bands, leotards, waist bands, the works. She comes to the gym in her usual GLAM style, which means full on makeup and her rhinestone jewelry. As if thats not enough, she insists on wearing her hair down during resistance training and cardio with her NEON PINK (or sometimes yellow) sweatband. I thought I used to get looks at the gym before, but hot damn….do people look at us now. Not good looks anymore, looks like, what the hell is that woman doing?! Shes too afraid to lift weights, she doesnt want to break a nail. Haha. Dont get me wrong I LOVE my mother to death, but I have to get her caught up to date on the trends. LOL, I dont know about her. Its  a whole seperate blog in itself. I was crazy to think I could tell yall about my moms antics in one small paragraph. And so, I shall return.

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