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By Eve / 11 years ago / In: General ,



One of the WORST weekends I’ve ever had.

I swear I attract the worst kind of men…men who act like women and are douches, ugh. I always hear girls talking about how they want a guy who is sensitive and really romantic and yadda yadda goo goo. Oh puh-lease…I have had enough of the type. I want a MAN who will take control, that isn’t insecure, and just isn’t…a loser. I mean seriously, I know plenty of women who are more manly than these guys.

Now the other part of my not so great weekend. 

On Friday, I got up around 12 and went into the kitchen to get some grub…my grandpa comes to me and tells me to call the hospital cause he was having a heart attack. Talk about traumatizing. They took him to the emergency room and did some tests, found out his blood pressure was all whack, so they flew him in an emergency plane to Phoenix so he could get another stent put into his heart. 🙁

Poor guy, this would be his fourth heart attack he’s had and now he has 7 or 8 stents in his heart.

Ugh, I just hope things start to look up for my family. These last few years have definitely been rough, especially for my grandma, I couldn’t even imagine what it’s been like for her.

That’s the end of my venting…for now.

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