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Ugh! Rain and Mud Suck!


By Promo / 11 years ago / In: General ,



I don’t know if any of you outsiders are aware, but Seattle has been raining the last 24 days straight.  Apparently we’re getting close to some record for consecutive days of rain.  Go us!  Anyway, yesterday and today have been especially nasty.  In the last two weeks, I have had 3 trees fall.  The one that fell today clipped part of the garage and busted out the window and did a bit of damage.

Now they are saying to are going to close our main access road due to flooding/mud slides.  There’s a back route but it will be a pain in the ass.  On top of that, my main phone line is out.  Thank God I don’t have DSL still.  But now I’m just waiting for my cable to die as well.

So I’m pretty much trapped in the house for a few days.  I’m grateful that we decided to go grocery shopping yesterday.  I had a hunch things were going to get worse around here.  I should have stocked up on firewood as well.  If I lose power again, I’m certainly not going to hang out here at the house.   I learned my lesson last year when we lost power. 

So I guess while I’m trapped inside and still have internet, I’ll probably be working on a bunch of shit for CWH.  Catching up on lil things that need done as well as riding the asses of some camgirls who are slacking … hmm.  Lucky girls 🙂

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