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YO IM A LAZY BIATCH TODAY!(check this out)


By jade / 11 years ago / In: Rants ,



hahaha ok so im chillin here, procrastinating workin out, ran last night, kinda sore not too bad but ummmm i dunno i had a long bored day today not sure how to describe it, where u just feel like doing noting, ur moody, and everything BAD happens to u, i burned a pan cuz i was runnin after kids and the water all boiled out of it, my baby pulled a whole cake off the counter see hes climbing now!, so i walk in the kitchen after cleanin and hes there with the entire chocolate cake on the floor just fuckin goin at it like hes never had cake before all in his hair, smeared all over the kitchen and of cource his clothes, i just wanted to toss him out into the 40 degree wheather and hose him off but he looks up at me with this freakin grin from ear to ear, like WOW mama i just had sooooo much fun HAHAHA being the understanding mommie i am i handed him another big fat piece while cleaning up the rest to keep my sanity, i was like HERE YA GO have fun, snap snap in your chair while i scrub, throw him in the nice warm bath lots of soap, and yer done HAHAHA then go to pick up the daughter from school and shes sittin havin a glass of mik, some cheese crackers for a snack turn around and whack with her elbow n there goes the milk HA now i wanted to pull her by her pretty lil curls right to her room, BUT being the understanding mamma i am haha, i grit my teeth and say it was an accident I KNOW, BUT NEXT TIME PLZ BE CAREFUL WHHHHEEEEWWW then u have them screaming and fighting NO I WANT THIS TOY NO THATS MINE lol ok ok theres much much more, (note these are not always typical days when having kids) these are the once twice a month type days where there doing everything it SEEMS in there power to drive u nuts and put u in the crazy house but then ur logic says hmm NAH hes only one, four, and 7 they wouldnt do that OR WOULD THEY? hahaha ok so yea but here i am feelin better already cuz i BLOGGED The fuck out of it hehe 😛

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