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Working Out


By Coley / 11 years ago / In: Health ,



So my parents pay for this membership for me to this HUGE gym. But I never ever go, because I didn’t know what to do. And there are tons of hotties with no necks or brains so I feel stupid walking in there not knowing what machines are for what.

Well I find out that they offer free personal training, and they make a work out routine for you. HELLZZZZ YEA!!!!

So I got my happy butt into the gym Monday, got a personal trainer, and she made the workout routine for me. I told her I wanted my flabby ham thighs gone plz, thx and to tone up everything else, so she gives me this workout routine for just that.

So after Monday I’m like…oh yea. I got this. Easy as pie. Muscles didn’t hurt. I figured I’d go in Tuesday to train again even though the lady said not to train two days in a row. But I felt like I hadn’t really worked them out.

Oh yea..well….thanks thighs for being sneaky lil shits and hurting like Eddie after he takes a good one from Peter. They hurt so freakin bad the next morning. But I decided…hey…let me go run. Do some cardio. Cardio is great. Good for you.….running = working out thighs = cannot walk on Wednesday. My inner thighs hurt so bad I felt like I had gotten gang banged or something. Wow…ok I’ll stop with the sexual references because they aren’t even sexy.

So Wednesday I did not work out because my legs were hella hurtin. HELLA! Unnastan????? Yap yap….so I went today (which is Thursday btw) and I did the training and a little cardio and the bia bia’s hurt like a bia but man…do I feel great. I love working out not only because it’s gonna make me look like a sexy beast but because it just puts me in the BEST FREAKIN MOOD EVER<> RAWARRRRR!

Yea so….moral of the story is. Work out.

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