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Cam With Her For Health!


By nyli / 11 years ago / In: General ,



If you might have health problems (or risk of heart disease, stress, cancer, depression, migraines, sleep, etc) it might not be uncommon these days for your doctor to say that you just need more sex in your life. But not everyone has access to sex all the time so the next best thing are orgasms.

Orgasms are good for you. They have a lot of health benefits. It has been proven that people who have more sex or orgasms are generally healthier. It’s a good source of exercise, it’s good for your heart (cardio) and it releases a hell of a lot of yummy hormones and chemicals that make you feel so good. More orgasms means more hormone dehydroepiandrostone for example it helps lower the risk of heart disease and heart attack. More orgasms also mean more oxytocin hormone which also means a decrease in breast cancer. One of the best benefits is that sex and having more orgasms can increase your immune system! Yay! More orgasms equals less time being sick and it even aids in depression! So you can’t sleep? Then masturbate! The power of an orgasm has been proven to be stronger then valium.

So what’s the point of me writing this? Cam With Her and Nyli is here to help you get healthier and happier. We can help you make having orgasms and sex more fun! Just take a look at our sexy girls (videos, pictures, chats) and we will help you become healthier by having more orgasms!

Tune in and pay attention to your physical sensations when looking at our fine girls. Speak up and tell us what you want to see so that we can help stimulate you the way you like it. Tune out the outside world and devote all your attention to your CWH experience. Don’t be embarrassed about anything. Humans are a sexual being by nature. And there is nothing wrong with trying a new erotic experience.

Watch out for me in pchats. *wink* Usually online on evenings or weekend afternoons.

11/24/05 update: I’ll be on Friday November 25th in the afternoon in pchats!

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