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Pro Nipple Piercing


By nyli / 11 years ago / In: General ,



Hey all you fun and cool people who joined CWH! I hope to see you all in the members chat tonight!

Last night I had to go out and buy some more bras because all of mine were getting old and falling apart. I was down to my last 2 and they were starting to go too! I was desperate but I succeeded at buying 2 last night and I plan to go back and get a couple more because there were a few styles that they didn’t have my size in yet. So tonight I can show you what I bought!!!

Being only 5 feet and 4 inches tall and less then 110 pounds with a bust size of 34B, I can totally get away with not wearing a bra. In fact, I don’t wear them unless I have too. Those needed times usually include being at work. I teach children with disabilities in their modified educational program. And disabled children (whether it’s physical or mental) are still smart enough to notice”“Hey teacher! Do you got double nipples?” Bras at work a must!

Speaking of nipple piercings, they are the best 80 bucks I’ve ever spent! Girls, if you don’t have your nipples pierced and are curious you got nothing to be afraid of and it’s well worth it. (That’s if you are responsible to take care of the healing part.) With the option of getting it frozen to avoid pain (an no it didn’t hurt for me) and excellent healing products these says, it’s a piece of cake! The benefits of having your nipple pierced are the same today as they were for the fashionable ladies of Paris and London in the 1890s. It makes the nipples larger, more sensitive, more sexually attractive, and provides a constant stimulation of the nipples. Being a little cold can sometimes turn me on! Teehee! Everything is ultra sensitive! Nipple piercing is very effective for increasing the size of small nipples (if you don’t like yours being small, but nothing wrong with that) and can stop nipples from becoming inverted by pulling them out. In fact, it was recommended by doctors in Victorian England to increase the size of the nipples to make breastfeeding easier. It provides greater sexual pleasure because it gives yourself and your partner something to play with during sex.

Any questions about nips, ask me!

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