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Busy Busy Busy


By Promo / 11 years ago / In: General ,



I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been staying incredibly busy (mostly with CWH). Lately we have had many new applicants that I have been going through and that results in setting up many new girls. In the last couple of weeks we’ve probably added ten new girls (give or take), including three new ones last night. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out the forums and get to know the many new faces and personalities.

I think one of the best things coming out of our new girls is that we have a couple of couples now. If you haven’t met Amber and Jessica yet, you should definately say hello to them. New girl, Lindsay will also have her girlfriend on cam with her at times as well. I think you boys will definitely love all of these girls and enjoy the incredible shows they are giving.

Steven and I have also been working hard on the members area. I’ve been checking out several of the sexy videos that the girls are submitting. We have quite a selection. These girls love to tease, and many of them are also clowns on cam (cough::jenni::cough). It’s great having a visual on all the hard work coming together and we are getting new stuff almost daily for the members area from our camgirls. Some are still slow pokes though, but I won’t mention any names!

I need to work on pushing these girls to post more. You guys should nag them into posting more on here and letting you all know what’s going on for them.

Anyway, to the many members who have been referring girls here as models, we thank you. Please, keep referring them here because we are always looking for girls. Simply have them complete the application and we’ll handle the rest. Remember, if a girl YOU refer to CWH actually signs up and is an active camgirl, you earn yourself 3 free months of full access to our members area once it launches.

I’m off to nurse my blotchy rash issue (allergic reaction to antibiotics I took for a tooth infection). I spent my morning with the doctor and had to put off a project I as so looking forward to. But the people seemed quite understanding and very willing to work with me. So keep your fingers crossed for me. I’m a little depressed over it though and bumming (thus why I am avoiding being e-social today). But I’ll hop on messengers later. I just need to pump myself back up. At least when I get in these funks, I get a great deal done on CWH!

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